Gadget [Less] : In the lives of young children aged 0-14 years

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For parents who feel exhausted and overwhelmed with the digital noise!
How to prevent and reduce gadgets and screens in the life of our young children is a real and growing concern! Gadgets are the new age – babysitters. They are validated by technology funded multi million dollar companies. The future is prophesied by these global companies and their funded tech summits to prepare for AI. If we continue to sleep over such concepts and very expensively crafted stories we are heading for genetic mutation of AI within our children’s bloodstreams very near in the future.

AI can never be the future! It will always be our human mind. Unless we allow our small children to get conditioned way too early inside the world of screens.

I invite you for a few days and months to stop planning for their future. Become present to what you are creating in their present moments. How well do they sleep? How well are they processing their emotions? How well can they stay without YOU being their toy and time pass. How hungry are they to learn? How grateful are they for all they are abundantly provided by you?

This book is my sincere prayer for your family and your beautiful children. May you bring your inner wisdom to shape the very life you have brought into this world.

This book is not to fix anything that you have been doing. This book is for providing you all the love and support to keep going. As being a parent is an endless and beautiful journey!

Gadget [Less] : In the lives of young children aged 0-14 years
Gadget [Less] : In the lives of young children aged 0-14 years


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